Keep pace with change. We are witnessing change at a very rapid pace. Brexit and “disTrumption,” among other developments, have changed the landscape for international business.  A new blog will synthesize and make sense of these developments. The blog, initiated by Wolters Kluwer, will be called “Regulating for Globalization” and is designed to address the significant changes taking place that are changing the rules of international business, especially (1) trade law, (2) European law, and (3) labor law. These forces are dramatic and the blog will highlight developments and opinion on the topics and the new rules facing international business.

“Regulating for Globalization” will be a forum for expert commentary on the merits of the anti-globalization, economic nationalist movement, and on the practical impacts the movement is having on the “rules of the game” in 2018 and beyond. Although globalization, in the sense of increasing interactions of people, ideas, and commerce on a worldwide basis, may not be stoppable in the 21st century internet-enabled era, the future of the rules that govern it are much less predictable. This blog will provide commentary on the effects of these divergent pulls – technology driving increased integration and political pressure resisting that change – on the new rules of international business.

What is the future of the EU? What about social Europe? How will existing legal instruments cope with the new political reality? What does it mean for European integration and economic growth and stability? How will business adjust and manage the disruption? Are existing European institutions up to the task? Are international organizations such as the World Trade Organization? The International Labor Organization? Will the post-WWII progress be lost in the mix?

If these are your questions, this “Regulating for Globalization” blog is for you!

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